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Drop-In Center and Day Shelter

It's no secret that transitional housing is one of the most critical steps in an individuals recovery path. As one of Denver's most respected peer support companies, SafeSide has designed a special peer-coach centered sober living structure. 

Coming this Fall 2023, SafeHouse sober living will be ready for residents!

SafeHouse Sober Living
Coming Fall 2023

Peer Support/Coaching

Sober living is all about preparing for your transition into the real world. Our certified peer coaches with lived-experience help you navigate the tricky waters of recovery. 

DNA Drug Testing

SafeSide Recovery partners with a leading vendor in remote DNA supported drug testing.

Real-world Focus

Using our structured Points of Progress curriculum, we help residents improve important areas of their life such as their judicial standing, financial planning, or employability and career planning.

Recovery Mobile App

HIPPA compliant two-way messaging with counselors, coaches, and sponsors.  Daily meditations, 12-step tracking, emergency contacting, and more.

Clinical Referrals

SafeSide has an extensive network of service providers such as private and family counseling, psychiatry, MAT services, trauma, and more.

Harm Reduction

Here at SafeSide, we are believers in modern concepts of recovery, including harm reduction and overdose prevention strategies.



Support Squad

With several years combined sober living home experience, SafeHouse has a diverse support squad. Between the leadership team and the peer coaches, we are poised to deliver transformational transitional housing.

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