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Life Skills Training

Preparing to live an independent lifestyle can be daunting for many individuals recovering from addiction and homelessness. SafeSide Peer Support Specialists not only teach basic life skills, but also lead by example and show clients how it's done in the real world.

Job Readiness

Resume Building. How to use Job Search websites. Mock interviews.

Household Management

Doing laundry. Signing up for utilities. Being a good neighbor. 

Employment Skills

How and where to learn a trade. Exploring career options. Discover your personal assets.

Transportation Skills

Understanding public transportation. Basic navigation. How to buy a car. 

Housing Assistance

Where to find housing. How to apply. Understanding leases. Being a good tenant.

Computer and Technology

Getting a cell phone. Setting up email. Engaging the community.

Managing your Money

Creating a budget. Paying bills. Getting a bank account.

Cooking and Nutrition

Building a grocery list. Buying kitchen basics. Using coupons. Getting food stamps.

Goal Setting

Making short and long-term goals. Creating an action plan. Saving money.  

Health and Hygiene

Scheduling medical appointments. Hygiene practices. Accessing healthcare resources.

Social and Community

Where to find activities. Access support networks. Making friends.

Finding Your Passion

What is your purpose? What is your motivation? What is your "why"?

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