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What is Peer Support?

Peer Recovery Support is direct one-on-one assistance from certified coaches who have successfully overcome addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health issues, and much more. These coaches leverage their personal experiences to offer tailored guidance and compassionate support, helping individuals overcome their unique recovery obstacles.

Peer Support is what we do.

It's in our DNA.


Points of Progress

Structured recovery planning based around real-world needs. We take a practical approach to help clients achieve mini and major life milestones resulting in tangible outcomes.

DNA Drug Testing

SafeSide Recovery partners with a leading vendor in remote DNA supported drug testing. This proprietary testing service is un-cheatable and the most comprehensive on the market.


Harm Reduction

SafeSide Recovery hosts outreach game and food events to introduce and train on important harm reduction topics, prevention, and referrals to MAT providers.

Group Sessions

There is power in collaborating in an untimidating coach-led group session. Groups foster a sense of community and belonging, collaboration, and encouragement.

GPS Monitoring

Upon request, use our partner smart phone recovery app that provides GPS tracking services of clients, as well as 12-step plan features, meditations, HIPPA compliant communication with coaches, and more.


Relapse Prevention

We use leading methodologies to discuss the challenging topic of relapse prevention + vigilant awareness of triggers. Clients must be equipped to navigate the real-world and substance temptations. 

Peer Coaches at Work

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