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Re-entry and
Judicial Support

The judicial system is complex and daunting - we help individuals navigate their legal obstacles and provide one-on-one support. Additionally, through partnerships with state corrections facilities, SafeSide provides hands-on reintegration support for individuals exiting incarceration.

Judicial Navigation

Many of our clients are facing legal challenges and need assistance finding and accessing the appropriate resources


Our coaches often accompany a client to court dates for peer support.


Recently Incarcerated

Re-entry into life outside the corrections system can be challenging. We can help enable a smooth transition.

Group Sessions

There is power in collaborating in an untimidating coach-led group session. Groups foster a sense of community and belonging, collaboration, and encouragement.

Relapse Prevention

We use leading methodologies to discuss the challenging topic of relapse prevention + vigilant awareness of triggers. Clients must be equipped to navigate the real-world and substance temptations. 


Law Enforcement

Our Leadership Team has affiliations with Federal and State Law Enforcement organizations and task forces, who we can engage with as needed.

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